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EZ Dock has been around since 1991, helping industrial, commercial, government and residential clients get better access to the water. We design all of our products to be fully customizable. Whether you need a commercial-grade dock to run boat tours, a kayak launch, or a swimming dock for your lakefront home, we can help you design the exact dock for your needs.


Fishing enthusiasts, boaters, vacation property owners, swimmers and anyone who owns a house or home by the water can use our docks for their waterfront properties. They can make the most of their time on the water, while also improving property values.


Housing developments, marinas, camps, stores, restaurants, hotels, resorts and any other organization by the water can increase the value of their waterfront investment by letting clients and customers access the water with our easy-to-use modular dock systems.


When parks and recreations departments, law enforcement and emergency authorities need stable and reliable floating docks for lakes ad other bodies of water, they turn to EZ Dock for stability and toughness.


Companies rely on EZ Dock for floating pumping stations, equipment and material barges and floating work platforms.

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